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Dauda Seeks Eagles’ Invitation

Vitesse Arnhem of Holland striker, Abiola Dauda has put a lie to recent reports that he has opted to play for Sweden, instead of Nigeria.
In this interview with SportsDay Dauda, who played on loan at Hearts of Scotland last season, admits he holds Sweden’s international passport, but stressed that his vision is actually on lining out for the Super Eagles soon…

We want to welcome you back home on holidays. How did it go for you, from Vitesse to playing on loan to Hearts of Scotland. How did everything go for you?

Everything went as planned. I left Vitesse for Scotland for a short term deal and it was months well spent. I really enjoyed my stay there with the club, football and everything. The club and everything was just perfect during my stay and the experience was awesome, and I really had the best of my time.

Talking about Hearts, you were there with Nigerian international defender, Juwon Oshaniwa. How was your relationship with him?

We had a cordial relationship. We shared the same block of flats and he lives next door to me. We often hang out together, do things together … go to training, joke and did most things together like Nigerian friends do. In fact we lived like brothers and we were cool.

Juwon was there at Hearts and Scotland is close to England; one would have thought you would look at those factors and probably consider staying. Why didn’t you stay in Scotland?

I would have loved to stay with the club, but a lot of details were not in order and needed to be ironed out; especially the financial aspect. That was the main reason why I couldn’t get a permanent deal with the club. I really can’t do anything now but to hope for the best with my return to Vitesse.

Now that you’re returning to Vitesse, what is going to be your biggest target that you want to achieve for the club in the coming season?

My target is to play as much as I can; especially now that we have a new coach. I just hope to get more playing time and the chance to prove my worth to the team. It’s only when you get playing time that you can prove what you are made of. So, for now, I just hope to get playing time and I also want to assist my team and the club to win titles.

From Sweden you went Serbia, Holland, Scotland. One would have thought you should think about the big leagues – England, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. Are you not thinking about playing in any of them?

Of course, it’s always at the back of my mind; but everything is done step-by-step. I am still aspiring to go far and also play in all those top leagues in Europe. I am not going to give up. I will keep working hard especially now that we are in a new season. A new season comes with a new plan. So, I just want to focus and see what happens at the end of the season.

Let’s go back to your beginning in Europe; you played for several years in Sweden. You even have a Swedish international passport and people are saying Abiola Dauda is going to play for Sweden, not Nigeria, what’s your reaction?

I have always made it clear, even when I was at Red Star in Serbia, people and the media were always talking about me playing for Sweden, and I always made it clear that I want to play for Nigeria. I have always wanted to play for the Super Eagles and honour Nigeria my country. It will be a dream come true honouring my country and also wearing the green-and-white shirt. It has always been my childhood dreams to play for Nigeria…

That means you can now say categorically that you are looking forward to an invitation to play for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. What if Sweden mount pressure on you to play for them?

That’s an easy choice, I will always choose Nigeria, even though it means a lot to play for Sweden’s national team. Playing for Nigeria will be my choice, because it will be a dream come true for me to honour my country.

The Super Eagles have been going down the heel of recent, what is your advice on how to improve and revive the team?

Well I think a lot has to be done, and it’s not going to be a one-day job. Everything comes with time. I think the change is not going to come from the team alone, but from the head. That is the coaches and board of the football federation, all the members as well. There should be continuity in various because change is a constant thing that causes distractions. The team should keep working and pushing hard and with time everything will fall in place.

What advice do you have for young Nigerian players who are still home aspiring to make it big in football?

They should always work hard, pray and believe in themselves. Always put God first and other things second. Never give up on your dreams, and never allow anybody tell you that you can’t do it, because impossibility is nothing.

What will you now say to your fans, especially those praying for you to go higher?

I want to thank them for their support during the good and bad times. I see some of them show their love for me on social media, and I really can’t appreciate them enough. I want to appreciate everybody who has supported me in one way or the order. I am really grateful for all the support, and I promise not to let them down.

Thank you for speaking to us…

You are welcome, thanks for having me…

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