23 juli 2012 In de media

Very bad news for Lokomotiv Plovdiv

The gossip from the last two days is now sure. The owner Koko Dinev have left the club and just hours after this news it was also known that three of their best players resign.
Serginho (26/4 last season), Jeremie Rodrigues (22/1) and Bengelloun (26/2) are no longer part of the team and signed for CSKA Sofia. This are three of the foreign players, who were earning the most amount of money and since Dinev is no longer in the club the team cannot afford them. It is expected that in the days before the game against Vitesse on Thursday.

Dinev left the club to Atanas Uzunov, who today in the press said that everyone, who wants to buy Lokomotiv can do it for one lev (50 cents), which is more than absurd and just shows what is going on in the club right now.

In the first game, who finished 4:4, with what I saw Vitesse didn’t give more than 50% of their best, as every attack for them was a goal. Rodrigues and Bengelloun are two of the regular defenders of Lokomotiv, so just imagine how will the team look in the second leg in the back. There is no money right now, the moral of the players, who will take part in the game will be very low and I think that Vitesse, even without giving their best, can easily trash their opponent on Thursday night.